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Blog Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Menopause

Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Menopause

The Top Five Benefits of the Silvercool Cooling Sheet Set for Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

Even when it’s cold outside,  if you’ve been having hot flashes don’t go grab those flannel sheets. Understanding your hormones during menopause will help you understand what’s going on with your body and how to deal with different symptoms including hot flashes and night sweats.

A hot flash is the sudden feeling of warmth in the upper body, especially strong around the face, neck and chest. Hot flashes can occur during the day or at night and those that cause night sweats happen at night. It affects both men and women and roughly 80% of menopausal women (20 million) in the US experience hot flashes that persists on average for 7 years.

Most research suggests that hot flashes occur due to decreased estrogen levels. The drop in estrogen causes a part of the brain, the hypothalamus (our body’s thermoregulatory center), to become more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature. When the hypothalamus thinks that the body temperature is too warm it starts a series of actions in the body to cool the body down - which results in hot flashes and night sweats. At night hot flashes can last more than 10 minutes causing night sweats to occur.

In a study of 110 women who all had experienced their last menstrual period within the last three years, the study showed:

  • 94.5% had difficulty sleeping
  • 92% felt forgetful
  • 83% had hot flashes
  • 87% experienced irritability
  • 85.5% had night sweats

The key to reducing hot flashes is to reduce the temperature variations throughout the night to prevent triggering a hot flash. With this in mind, here are the five benefits of cool sheets for your sleep.

Cool Sheets are Worth the Investment

No matter what you do, hot flashes cannot be stopped once they start. To prevent a hot flash from being triggered or to make this symptom easier to live with, investing in cool sheets can help. 

The Silvercool Sheet Sets’ cooling properties are not magic, it’s material science. The sheets consist of ultra fine and high quality 1.1D microdenier nylon fiber that is around 1/10th the diameter of human hair. The fine fibers create a natural cooling effect without the use of nanoparticles or cooling chemical agents.

The sheet's ability to dissipate heat quickly and effectively helps prevent the body from overheating and triggering a hot flash.

The fabric has one of the coolest fabrics on the market with a Qmax score of 0.36 making it:

  • 3.3x cooler than cotton
  • 2.4x cooler than bamboo
  • 1.9x cooler than silk
  • 1.7x cooler than Tencel

QMax is the measurement of how cool a fabric feels. Since the Silvercool fabric does not use any nanoparticles or cooling chemical agents, the cooling functionality is not lost over time even in the wash.

A Comfortable and Dry Sleeping Environment

While we sleep, our bodies naturally give off moisture through our airways and through our skin. Night sweats from hot flashes can result in large amounts of moisture. After one hot flash is triggered, others can follow. As sweat soaks into the bedding, it is important that the bedding stays as dry as possible to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment. 

The Silvercool fabric helps to remove moisture through the capillary effect. The ultra-fine fibers draw moisture and evaporates the moisture in ambient air creating an ideal environment for those with hot flashes or sweat a lot while sleeping. As a bonus, this also makes laundry easier to do as the comforter dries faster than conventional comforters.

No Bacteria means No Odor and No Stains

The Rest Silvercool Sheets are woven with IONIC+ Antimicrobial Technology silver yarn. The antimicrobial technology uses natural antimicrobial science to fight microbes on soft surfaces preventing odor causing bacteria to grow. IONIC+ technology releases silver ions from the yarn and in the presence of moisture (such as moisture vapor naturally emitted by the skin), the silver ions combat negatively charged microbe ions stopping its growth and reproduction. This ionic action helps inhibit and eliminate microbes on the surface of the sheets, protecting it from microbial impacts.

Oh So Ridiculously Soft and Smooth

Not only does the thin fibers create a magical cool to the touch effect, it also mimics silk protein resulting in a silky smooth and soft to the touch feeling. Being covered by the comforter is as smooth as in a milk bath. The soft to the touch feeling helps promote sleep hormones that get you to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Anti-Odor and Easy Care

Why does sweat lead to odors? Humans produce two kinds of sweat: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat which is watery and salty is generally neutral smelling and is released all over your body. Apocrine sweat is a thick and oily fluid made of fatty compounds that come from glands. Both types of sweat do not stink on their own. Microbes that live on your skin eat the oily compounds in endocrine sweat and produce a molecular waste that leaves odor and stain.

The IONIC+ Antimicrobial Technology prevents growth of the microbes thus reducing the smells associated with those odor-causing bacteria. Less bacteria and odor on bedding also means less washing. Having night sweats may mean you wish to launder your sheets more often and now there’s a reason to do it less. 

Further to the antimicrobial benefits, the Silvercool sheets are also strong and durable making it machine washable. After regular washes, the anti-wrinkle, anti-sagging and anti-pilling properties will keep the sheets looking new and fresh. The Silvercool sheets have Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 accreditation, which certifies the absence of harmful substances in the manufacturing process. The sheets are hypoallergenic and are suitable for those with allergies.



From being cool to the touch, antimicrobial and ridiculously soft, the material science and innovation behind the Silvercool sheets can help battle menopause symptoms to deliver higher quality sleep!

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