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Blog Bedtime Routine for Children: 4Bs for Better Sleep

Bedtime Routine for Children: 4Bs for Better Sleep

Help Toddlers & Kids Sleep Better with a Bedtime Routine 

A consistent bedtime routine is vital for children, helping them wind down and prepare for a good night's sleep. For parents looking to establish or refine this nightly ritual, the 4Bs—Bath, Brush, Books, Bed—offer a simple yet effective framework. This blog will explore each of these steps in detail, providing tips and insights on how to create a calming environment conducive to rest, particularly emphasizing the importance of comfort through cooling bed sheets and the best cooling comforter.

Child in bed under the covers of Evercool Kids Cooling Comforter in polar bear design

Importance of a Bedtime Routine

Sleep experts agree that routines are fundamental in signalling to children's bodies and minds that it's time to wind down and go to sleep. According to researchers, children who follow a consistent bedtime routine exhibit better sleep patterns, reduced nighttime wakings, and improved daytime behavior. The study also concluded that the more consistent and younger a child begins to follow a bedtime routine, the better their sleep outcome will be. Start early and create a predictable bedtime routine at night to foster an atmosphere of safety and security, essential elements for a restful sleep.

Bath: The First 'B' for Better Sleep

Image of child bathing with text that says: BATH A warm bath before bedtime raises the body’s core temperature, which cools down afterwards and stimulates sleepiness.

Start the routine with a warm bath 1 to 2 hours before bedtime to improve sleep and significantly aid in transitioning from the energetic activities of the day to a more subdued state. The warmth of the water helps increase the body temperature. After the bath, as the body cools down, this temperature drop signals to the brain that it's time to sleep.

To further stimulate this feeling of sleepiness, use cooling beddings such as Evercool, the best cooling comforter for hot sleepers. Infusing calming scents like lavender has also shown to improve relaxation, sleep quality and quantity.

Brush: Dental Hygiene as a Sleep Cue

Image of child brushing their teeth with text that says: BRUSH Brushing teeth after a bath signals bedtime and teaches children responsibility, promoting oral hygiene and healthy routines.

Brushing teeth should follow bath as a necessary part of any nightly bedtime routine. Teeth brushing not only promotes good oral hygiene but also serves as a cue to the body that bedtime is imminent. Teaching children to brush their teeth daily before bed also instills a sense of responsibility and routine, essential for a child’s development and important habit for health and wellbeing.

Books: Encouraging Quiet Time with Bedtime Stories

Image of child under covers of Evercool Kids Cooling comforter reading with text that says: BOOKS Bedtime stories foster bonding, cognitive development, and soothe children to sleep.

Do bedtime stories help kids sleep? Yes! Reading books is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of the 4Bs. Story time before bed allows for quiet connection and bonding between parents and children and helps foster a love for reading. Nightly story time and the act of reading to children aids in their cognitive development such as language acquisition and word learning, potentially attributing to later academic abilities and success. Reading bedtime stories can help calm their minds before bed and choosing books that are soothing rather than stimulating or scary will further help encourage relaxation.

Bed: Improve Sleep Space and Thermal Environments

Image of child in bed with Evercool Kids cooling comforter with text that says: BED Create a conducive sleep environment with cool temperatures, enhanced by Evercool® Cooling Comforters and Sheet Sets to ensure comfort for all.

The final 'B' stands for bed, specifically creating a sleep-inducing environment. This involves more than just a comfortable mattress. The temperature of the room should hover around 66 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius, complemented by cool comforters and cooling bed sheets that help maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night. The proprietary Evercool® fabric technology in Rest bedding is available in multiple mattress sizes (King, Queen, Twin, Full) to ensure that even the warmest sleepers stay cool. For little ones, consider the Evercool® Kids Cooling Comforter (set available with matching pillowcase) in a playful design that’s functional and loved by children.

Additionally, parents should minimize noise and light to help children achieve deeper sleep. Night time activities with children leading up to bedtime should shift to be less stimulant and remain quieter after putting your child to bed. White noise machines may help contribute to a more peaceful sleep environment but reducing sudden, jarring sounds. Reduce light pollution with blackout curtains and even nightlights should be avoided as preliminary studies have suggested children who sleep with lights on are more likely to grow up shortsighted.

Tips for Enhancing Bedtime Routines

Beyond the 4Bs, consider these additional strategies to further improve your child’s sleep routine:

Consistency is Key for Bedtime Routines

The most effective bedtime routines are those that are consistent. Going to bed at the same time each night helps regulate your child's internal clock and improves overall sleep quality. This consistency should extend to the pre-bedtime activities as well. To learn more of why sleep is integral to a child’s development and age-appropriate sleep durations, read our other blog post for tips to start developing a consistent bedtime routine.

Limit Screen Time for Better Sleep

Screens emit blue light, which can interfere with the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. Limiting screen time at least an hour before bed can help ensure that children's natural sleep rhythms are not disrupted. Blue-light is also emitted with e-Readers, a popular reading device tool that parents should avoid during story time, and instead opt for printed books.

Incorporate Relaxing Activities

Activities such as gentle yoga stretches, listening to soft music, or even some quiet time together can help children relax before starting the 4Bs routine. These activities should be soothing and free from excitement to create the right atmosphere for winding down.

Use Comforting, Cooling Bedding for Improved Sleep Environment

Investing in high-quality bedding can significantly enhance sleep comfort for children. Many message boards and Rest duvet reviews often highlight the benefits of Evercool® cooling comforters and cooling bed sheets which have helped with maintaining an optimal sleep temperature. Products like the Evercool® Kids Cooling Comforter are especially important for children who tend to sleep hot or are prone to night sweats.
Evercool® Cooling Comforter


Establishing a bedtime routine like the 4Bs can significantly benefit children's sleep health and overall well-being. By incorporating these steps and ensuring the use of comfortable, cooling bed sheets and cool comforters, parents can create an environment that promotes restful, uninterrupted sleep. Remember, the goal is not just to help children fall asleep but also to help them learn the habits that will lead to a lifetime of good sleep.

Incorporating these elements into your child's nighttime routine can make bedtime a calm, enjoyable, and restful experience for everyone involved.


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