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Blog How to Choose a Blanket for Your Toddler in the Summer

How to Choose a Blanket for Your Toddler in the Summer

Summer Toddler Blanket Selection: A Careful Choice

A thoughtful guide for discerning parents aiming for both comfort and safety during the warmer months.

The Role of a Summer Blanket in a Child's Well-Being

As temperatures rise, the necessity for a suitable summer blanket becomes clear. It's not just about comfort but also about ensuring a child's safety and wellness. The right blanket aids in temperature regulation, preventing overheating, while still offering the secure feeling that many toddlers require for a restful sleep.

Critical Factors in Summer Blanket Selection

  • Appropriate Dimensions: A well-proportioned blanket serves its purpose without becoming cumbersome. Ensure it fits the size of your toddler and not an adult.
  • Fabric Material: Premium fibers are preferable. They offer breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and are gentle on a child's sensitive skin.
  • Weight and Breathability: A summer blanket should be lightweight but durable. Its weave should allow for optimal air circulation, ensuring a balanced temperature throughout the night.
  • Maintenance: Given the increased activities during summer, the chosen blanket should be resilient to frequent washing and drying, retaining its shape and softness.

Recommendations for Premium Summer Blankets

  • Rest Kids Evercool Cooling Comforter: Expertly crafted using Rest's award winning Evercool fabric, this blanket is designed with summer comfort in mind. It boasts a breathable knitted material and is recognized for its cool-to-the-touch feeling, longevity and ease of maintenance.


 Armed with the right knowledge, parents can make informed decisions to ensure their child's comfort and well-being during the summer months. Prioritize quality, safety, and longevity in your blanket selection. Here's to restful summer nights for both parent and child.

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