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Our Mission Is to Ensure Everyone Gets a Good Rest.

We understand that quality sleep is vital for your overall well-being and we're here to empower you to achieve the restful nights you deserve.

Our 4 Core Values

Be Empathetic

Think, feel and walk in the shoes of those we engage with to go above and beyond expectations

Be Disruptive

Challenge the status quo to redefine problems and discover new and better solutions

Be Agile

Move swiftly and decisively with a strong bias towards action to make sure we are creating only great products

Be Kind

Strive to treat our employees, partners, customers and the planet with respect, creating an overall positive impact

Saving a Marriage: A True Story

Our world has been going through unprecedented times leading to stress and well-being issues. Science is increasingly showing the importance of high quality of sleep in coping with stress. But people cannot get high quality sleep if they are not completely comfortable when they sleep. Everyone needs a certain level of customized comfort to get into their own ‘comfort zone’.

Talking to hundreds upon hundreds of people, we’ve realized most people neither actively think about the importance of their bedding nor do enough about it. As a hot sleeper myself, I struggled with restless sweaty nights. This was made worse by the fact that my wife is a cold sleeper who needed warmth while I needed coolness. We were incompatible sleepers sleeping in the same bed. Upgrading our bedding and comfort however, changed everything - perhaps even saving our marriage.

At Rest our purpose is to ensure everyone gets a good rest, and we do everything we can to accomplish it. While competitors focus on softness and design, we go further to analyze the science of heat dissipation, moisture wicking, antimicrobial silver, and more to create a customized sleeping comfort that will help you get higher quality sleep.

CEO & Founder